***Providers are reminded that cash price lists are updated every six months.  Please ensure that your cash price list is the most current by contacting 702-222-3544.  Prices are subject to change. Previous cash prices are not valid***

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For access to our Reports and PACS/Images programs please fill out and fax the Request for Access Form below to Fax# 702-933-5726.  Please ensure it is signed by the CEO/Physician or Practice Administrator. Upon receipt your practice will be contacted shortly to confirm receipt of request and  the date and time our technician can install the software and conduct training on the applications.

Even though you elect to have our software installed your normal delivery of reports and images will remain unaffected.

Referral Forms (Blank)
(use this to print and fill by hand)

Physician Portal and AQ Net Image Viewer Access Request

Our Physician Portal and Aquarius Net Thin Client software is provided free of charge so that providers can see their patients scheduling, reports, and digital images. Please fill out the Request for Access form and FAX it to our office. A representative will contact your shortly to verify your office information and schedule a time for installation if needed.
We have a dedicated pre-authorization dpeartment that is ready to help relieve the burden of obtaining authorizations for patients. We obtain authoirzation and schedule your patients same day in order to get them scheduled as soon as possible. Just Fax your referrals to our pre-authorization department with your patients infomation and we will do the rest. Don't forget to check the Obtain pre-authorization box at the top of the referral form.
Medical Records
Feel free to request your records from our facility or request a transfer of your images from other facilities. We know how important it is to keep track of your medical information and keep it protected. Take advantage of the many services our records department has to offer.
Our billing department exists to serve your needs. You can conveniently pay your bill over the phone with one of our many billing staff. 
Most credit cards are accepted!!


 We Have Two Convenient Locations for Your Patients
We handle all Liens and Med-Pay!
To schedule your patient, we need a few simple details:
  1. The Physician Referral
  2. The Name and Phone Number of the Attorney
  3. The Date of Injury
Terry - Lien Specialist
Phone: 702-933-5719
Fax: 702-933-5726
Email Terry

Dental Providers

For our dental providers we offer dental scans! We also offer training on how to use our thin client software in order to map your patients nerve canal for implants. Our software is free of charge and can be installed on most Windows based computers. Feel free to fill out the request for a username and password and fax it to our office. We will then contact you for the installation of our software and schedule training in the future if needed.
Request for Acces Form
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